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Home: Worship


Worship is at the heart of what we do and who we are as a people of faith, and meaningful worship services with outstanding music and dynamic preaching are our constant endeavor and regular experience at First Presbyterian.  Our services are a blend of traditional and contemporary music and liturgy, which means we like to mix it up a bit!  A printed worship bulletin makes it easy for first-timers as well as regular attendees to follow the service and participate.  Worship is an act of the whole community, from the announcements at the start of the service, through hymns and songs and prayers and scripture readings, to the blessing offered at the conclusion.  Come as you are and leave differently—uplifted, renewed, challenged and blessed.

Our Sunday morning schedule
8:30—9:45    Education for all ages
10:00—11:00    Worship service
11:00—11:30    Fellowship & refreshments

Our worship includes the Sacrament of Communion once each month, and we are pleased to share the Lord’s Supper with all who come to be fed in God’s word—there is no membership requirement and no card to fill out ahead of time!  We believe that Jesus is the host and we are all his guests, from wherever and however we come to be filled.  The elements of communion in our setting include bread (and a gluten-free substitute) and grape juice, and trays of each are passed along the pews and shared together.  Children of any age are also welcome to participate in communion at the discretion of their parents or grandparents.  An annual workshop for families helps children and their parents understand more about this sacrament.

The Sacrament of Baptism is a sign of belonging to the church and a primary welcoming act for us, and as such is offered for infants of members and their extended families.  Older children, youth and adult members may also be baptized, though it is less common in our setting.  Baptisms are an act of the congregation and always take place in the midst of a regular worship service.  In baptism, members of the church promise to help parents and families raise their child and nurture them in faith. It is a very special occasion in our worship life together, to cherish the gift of a child of God in baptism. Special seasons and times in the year bring additional services and opportunities for worship.  Lent, the six weeks leading up to Easter each spring, is a time for reflection and prayer in our tradition and features a Wednesday evening service of music and story in a casual setting preceded by a simple supper of soup and bread.  Easter Sunday is a glorious time of celebration and features two services of worship and capacity crowds.  Christmas Eve is also a special time of celebration and includes several evening services highlighted by the music of the season.

Weddings, Funerals and Memorial Services

Weddings mark the joining of two people in God’s love, while funerals and memorial services mark the conclusion of this life and the beginning of our life in God.  These rituals or ceremonies are part of the life of faith at First Presbyterian Church.  Both weddings and funeral/memorial services are available for members and non-members alike.

Weddings in the church are occasions of worship and the celebration of love, and First Presbyterian is a beautiful place to begin married life together!  Couples wishing to be married in the church should contact the church office at least six months in advance of the desired date.  A deposit is required at the time of booking.  Normally one of the pastors of the congregation officiates at any wedding held in the church, but guest pastors may be invited in special circumstances.  The guidelines and policies for weddings may be found here.

Funerals and Memorial Services in the church are opportunities for the family and community to gather in grief at the loss and celebration of the life of a loved one.  In the case of a funeral, the casket is present at the church.  The service is referred to as a Memorial if the casket (or cremains) has previously been buried or interred.  In either situation, the worship service focuses on a witness to the resurrection and sharing the memories of the deceased.  A simple reception of coffee and cookies may be held following the service and is hosted by the Board of Deacons of the church.  If a family desires a fuller meal, it may be catered in and the Deacons will assist in serving and clean up.

The Memorial Garden is available to members and non-members for the interment of human cremains (ashes from cremation) in a common vault or in individual plots.  The main area is a sealed vault below the ground where ashes are poured and co-mingled with the ashes of others.  A limited number of individual plots are also available where ashes are poured directly into the ground in a spot determined by the church and plotted on a grid.  Sprinkling of ashes is not available in the Memorial Garden.  Information about the Memorial Garden and pre-planning interment is available here.