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Service to others is one of the primary ways we respond to God for the blessings we have received, and our Christian calling to be actively engaged in realizing the Kingdom of God.  For over 100 years, we have had a rich history of supporting and participating in efforts to bring about peace and justice in our community and all over the world.  Through our regular financial giving and special offerings we help to support numerous organizations who share our mission to end poverty, hunger and homelessness.

We also provide many ongoing volunteer opportunities that allow our members to experience firsthand the satisfaction and joy of sharing their gifts with those in need while learning about how we can be of even greater assistance in their often systemically desperate situations.  The value of serving others begins early with our children and youth who participate in mission activities throughout the year, including annual summer work trips for our middle and high school students.

Click the "Missions" link to the left to see a list of the organizations that we support financially and to which we provide volunteers.