Tending to Ambiguous Losses in Uncertain Times

Wednesday, January 13, 7:00 pm
When someone or something is physically absent, as in death, the loss can be named and defined, making it easier to grieve the loss. However this current pandemic has resulted in emotional, economic, and relational uncertainty making it hard to find clarity, leaving us with ambiguous loss.

Some such losses are our ability to go out and about without worrying about contracting the virus and even the loss of our normal routines. Some of us are working from home and at the same time homeschooling our children. In this webinar we’ll discuss the nature of ambiguous loss and ways to deepen our resilience in these uncertain times.

Carla Dahl is the presenter and has studied the effects of ambiguous loss for thirty years and has co-authored several chapters on how to support individuals and families in dealing with this stressful experience. Carla is professor of congregational and community care at Luther Seminary and also has a private counseling practice, working with individuals and couples around issues of grief, spirituality, relationships, and life transitions.

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