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Home: Giving


Online Giving (click here)
Our church offers numerous electronic offering options. One is by using the link above for an easy secure way to give and you can arrange occuring donations. Mobile App: You will find “GivePlusChurch” in Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store.  GivePlus is great for giving electronically on a regular or irregular basis. “GivePlusText”


Giving Automatically From Your Bank Account (ACH sign-up form)
One of the quickest and easiest ways to support our church is by signing up to have your pledge and per capita payments taken automatically out of your savings or checking account on the 20th of each month. This option costs you nothing in fees or bank charges. Click to open and print the enrollment form or pick one up at church on information table outside the office. Complete instructions are on the form.


Giving Using Personalized Envelopes      
Some people still prefer to receive personalized envelopes for weekly giving in the mail. If you are a weekly giver and would like to add your name to the envelope distribution list, please let Eleta Pierce know in the church office, 651-451-6223.  You can also let Eleta know if you no longer use your weekly envelopes and we’ll reduce our costs by removing you from the list. It can take several weeks before you stop receiving envelopes.


Giving Stock or Securities to the Church (stock instructions form)
Many people fulfill their annual or capital pledge by giving a gift of stock or securities to the church. Instructions for how to do this are provided in the attached document. You will receive a tax deductible contribution receipt for the net amount the church received when your stock was sold. Your actual tax deduction is the value of the stock as it was recorded on the day you made the transfer to the church. The church deducts any fees and commissions involved with the transaction. For specific questions about donating stock contact Treasurer Jodee Paape at 651-455-4621 or email her at


Giving by Donating Supplies or Items You Purchased (gifts in kind donation/expense reimbursement form)
Many people purchase items for particular church programs or events and don’t wish to be reimbursed for the costs. Such gifts are identified as “in-kind” donations and are tax deductible. You can receive credit on your annual giving statement for those purchases by completing the attached form and submitting it for processing. It is important for planning and budget purchases that all items purchased for the church are either reimbursed (see below) or submitted as in-kind donations. If not, it is impossible to determine what a particular program or event actually cost.


Requesting Reimbursement for Supplies or Items You Purchased (gifts in kind donation/expense reimbursement form)
People are often asked to purchase items for a church program or event. It is reasonable that those buyers are reimbursed for those purchases. It is important that all items purchased for an event or program are accounted for in some way, either by being reimbursed or credited to giving. Complete the attached form and it will be submitted for approval and payment.


Pledging to the Building Fund
In 2018, the Finance and Property Committees of the church prepared a schedule of building needs for the five years from 2019-2023. Items scheduled include parking lot resurfacing, carpet replacement for the main floor and a variety of smaller projects. The total goal to pay for the repairs over five years is $186,700. Pledges began to come in in January 2019 and as of mid-2019, we are only $13,000 away from meeting our goal. It would be great to have 100% participation in this effort to maintain our beautiful church. Pledge cards are available in the pew pockets or on the kiosk in the South Commons.


Pledging to the Annual Church Budget
In November of each year we ask everyone to submit a pledge toward the annual budget for the church.  Having this general idea of how much income we have to work with allows us to prepare a budget for the coming year. Pledge cards are mailed to all members and regular donors with a request that the cards be returned in worship on a particular Sunday. Pledge cards are also accepted at any time during the year.


Paying Per Capita and Special Offerings
Every member of a Presbyterian Church (USA) is asked to support the mission and ministry of the denomination by giving an annual amount in January of each year. Per Capita for 2017 is $33.75 per member. We always send in our full per capita requirement to the Presbytery even though not every member is able to pay. Donors who give through the automatic giving program will have their family’s per capita withdrawn from their account on January 20 of each year. Those who receive giving envelopes in the mail will be sent a per capita envelope in December of each year for the following year.

In addition to per capita, we promote the following special offerings each year:

PC-USA Denominational Offerings:
One Great Hour of Sharing – Lent/Easter
Pentecost – May or June
Peace & Global Witness – October – FPC designates a portion to a local peacemaking project
Christmas Joy – December

Year-Round:  Mission Committee determines designation each year
End Hunger
Loose Change Water Project

Blanket Sunday – end of January
Neighbors Adopt-A-Family – December

Those receiving giving envelopes in the mail will receive envelopes for these offerings (except for Adopt-A-Family and the Loose Change Water Project) in the monthly mailing. With the same exceptions, all of these offerings can be made with a pew envelope or simply note your intention on the memo line of your check.


Donating by Buying Scrip Cards
The Scrip program (It’s Scrip, not Script!) lets us purchase gifts cards for hundreds of area businesses and restaurants. For every dollar spent on scrip the church receives a percentage of the total sale. Our income from the sale of scrip in 2015 was almost $2,000 and we hope to keep increasing that amount. People who buy the cards pay no fees. Cards can be ordered at a special Scrip table in the Commons on the next to last Sunday of each month and picked up the following Sunday.  Popular cards are also often available for on-site purchase without pre-ordering. Scrip cards can be given as gifts for birthdays, Christmas, graduations, etc.


Donating Through a Memorial or Legacy Fund Gift
Gifts to the Memorial Fund are tax-deductible when the check is made out to the church. Regular donors or members to the church will see their memorial gift listed on their giving statements. They will also receive an acknowledgement card. The card and giving receipt are sent to nonmember donors as their receipt. Checks that are made out to the family or to an individual family member are not deductible to the donor. Memorial Fund donations can be designated by the donor to an existing fund or program at the church. In many cases, the surviving family members suggest to the Finance Committee what they believe would be an appropriate use of the gifts received. Undesignated memorial gifts are added to the Memorial Fund and are used to cover special needs that are not covered in the annual budget. Memorial gifts can be submitted at any time. All donors are listed in the memorial book which is displayed in the Commons right outside the office.

The Legacy Fund is an ongoing investment fund that is used both to balance the annual budget if necessary or for unexpected expenses which may arise. If a person designated the church as a recipient of a portion of their estate, the amount is put into the Legacy Fund. People are encouraged to make contributions to the Legacy Fund at any time in honor of an anniversary or special occasion.

Giving Statements
All donations to the church are tax deductible except for items that are purchased for personal use like Bible Study books, camp registrations, bake sale items, Christmas wreaths, Sunday morning coffee and donuts, scrip cards and flowers for worship if you take them home instead of donating them. For donations made at a church meal to a special fund,  it is reasonable to assume that the actual cost the church pays to provide a meal to the congregation is somewhere around $5 -$8 a person. If you make a donation of $25, you can reasonably consider somewhere around $20-$17 as a tax deductible contribution. The full amount of $25 will appear on your giving statement as a tax deductible contribution. It is up to you and your accountant to determine the tax-deductible portion of the contribution.

Giving statements are prepared and distributed on Sunday mornings in the Commons at the end of the first half of the year (around July 7). Giving statements are sent to donors who are behind on their pledge in October and all donors are issued giving statements as of December 31 of each year. Donors are asked to open and check their year-end statements carefully so that any corrections can be made before the books are closed around the second week of January.

With questions on your statement or to receive a copy of a lost giving statement, contact Financial Secretary Lois Glewwe at 651-457-3403 or email her at