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Board of Deacons

The Book of Order of the Presbyterian Church (USA) states that “it is the duty of deacons, first of all, to minister to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who may be in distress both within and beyond the community of faith.”  While our Board of Deacons performs all of these tasks faithfully there is so much more that they contribute to the congregation, much of which goes unnoticed because of how smoothly, quietly and humbly they carry out their various functions.

Nine deacons are elected annually by the congregation for two-year terms so that at anytime there are eighteen active deacons serving.  The Board consists of three separate sub-committees: Hospitality, Meeting the Needs of the Elderly and Shut-In, and Meeting the Needs of the Sick and Grieving.


Along with the celebration of special occasions, they are responsible for any all-congregation events such as Covenant Sunday in September, the annual meeting in February and our summer church picnic in July.  They help to organize all the elements, including decorations, cooking, and serving of the meals.  They are also responsible for the fellowship time following the worship service on Sunday mornings, as well as the preparation, serving and clean up when communion is scheduled.

Meeting the Needs of the Elderly and Shut-In

They have the responsibility of making visits to members who are homebound or
in senior care facilities, and delivering flowers to them when the occasion arises following the Sunday morning worship service.   They coordinate visitation with the pastors and accompany them when serving home communions.  They help out with special transportation needs and recruit other volunteers to help with this increasingly necessary ministry.  They also organize an annual senior brunch every spring in May to honor and show our gratitude for those members over the age of 70.

Meeting the Needs of the Sick and Grieving

This sub-committee is in charge of organizing and carrying out all funeral
receptions, and sending cards to members of the grieving family on the first anniversary of the death of their loved one.  Along with the pastors, they will make visits to members who have been hospitalized and coordinate sending cards each week from the congregation to anyone who has been ill, had surgery, or has some other special need.

This group also coordinates the delivery of meals to members who for whatever reason cannot make their own meals or because of emergency circumstances don’t need one more thing to worry about and we can help.

Emergency Financial Assistance

Limited Emergency Assistance funds are available to help in the case of need, both for those
within the church membership and outside the church.  Requests are most often made to one of the pastors or the church office staff. The funds are maintained and disbursed through the Board of Deacons and the names of those receiving assistance are kept anonymous.