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Home: About Us : What to Expect When You Visit Us

What to Expect When You Visit Us

  • We want our guests to feel like we have all been waiting for you to join us.  Before you even enter the building, you will find special parking spaces near the front doors reserved just for you.  We aren’t kidding, use them.
  • As you enter the main doors, greeters will warmly welcome you.   Let them know that this is your first visit and they will have a special gift for you.  If you are one who prefers to slip in and remain anonymous, you can always come in the doors off of the smaller parking lots on each side of the church, but just know that we are a friendly bunch and may still try to introduce ourselves to you.
  • It is most important to us that you are comfortable.  So feel free to dress in whatever you think is appropriate.  We can safely promise that you will find someone else similarly attired, though admittedly tuxedos and evening gowns are a rarity.
  • Prior to or following the worship service, go ahead and walk around the building and get a feel for everything that is going on here.  From the Sunday School classrooms to our recently renovated Youth Room to the multiple posters and sign-ups for fellowship and volunteer service opportunities outside the Sanctuary in our Commons, you will get a sense of what is important to us.
  • When entering through the front doors, there are restrooms located to your right on both the main and lower levels.  They are handicapped accessible with an elevator that provides access to the lower level.  There are also restrooms in our Christian Education wing.
  • Our worship service begins at 10:00 a.m. and lasts approximately 60 minutes.  It is a traditional service with a wide variety of musical styles depending on the Sunday.  You will not be asked to stand-up and introduce yourself, and while an offering will be taken you are not obligated to contribute.  Of course, you are not obligated to not contribute either.  All you need to do is worship God, enjoy the service and be filled by the Spirit to go back out into the world.
  • There is professional nursery care available during the service, but don’t be surprised to find some of our parents sitting in the back of the Sanctuary with their babies.  We consider the sound of small voices to be a sign of God’s hope for the future and that is always welcome.  The nursery is located in our Christian Education wing just outside the Sanctuary and up a half flight of stairs in our Christian Education wing.
  • During the worship service, there is a Children’s Time when they are invited up to the front of the Sanctuary for their own message from one of the pastors.  Afterwards, children may return and sit with their family, or if they are of kindergarten age or younger, they may leave the Sanctuary with a member of the congregation for a brief time of learning and playing until the end of the service.
  • Following the service, we invite you to have a cup of coffee and a donut with us.  Throughout the year, we also have special brunches to honor specific groups in the congregation, and pancake breakfasts to raise funds for special mission projects.  We hope that if you come on one of these Sundays you will make yourself right at home and enjoy something with a little more nourishment than a chocolate covered donut with sprinkles, though they are very tasty.