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First Presbyterian Church

We are a warm and inviting Christian community where all are welcome.  It is the purpose and desire of First Presbyterian Church of South Saint Paul to open our doors to anyone seeking love and acceptance.  Inspiring worship experiences and challenging learning opportunities encourage us to serve others as well as to laugh and play together.

The Christian faith is to be lived and not memorized.  We allow ourselves the freedom to ask difficult questions about God, about our world and about how we are to live our lives to the fullest.  Wherever you are along life’s journey, we will help you find encouragement and support, rest and refreshment, joy and laughter, inspiration and challenge.




FPC-SSP is asking everyone to please abide by the 8 p.m. curfew set by our city leaders. The safety of our members and our communities are our top priority. Please be at home, stay at home and stay safe tonight.

There is a time to speak out and a time to remain silent. There are the times when the most difficult and faithful response is silence; a reverent silence that creates a space for our cries of anguish, our cries for justice and our cries to God in prayers. We have difficulty with silence. It is uncomfortable and it raises questions of our own complicity, but for today let this be a time when we pause and reflect on the pain and grief and trauma in the world, and how we will change to contribute to our healing. 

There will be time in the coming days, weeks, months and years to use our words for reconciliation and to challenge ourselves to be better; to speak out against injustice in solidarity with our marginalized black and brown brothers and sisters; to acknowledge the realities of white privilege and systemic racism. Until then we pray for peace, strength, and vision.



Click Here For Our Worship Services

While we may not be gathering in person at this time, we conntinue our connection to each other through worship each week. We are trying different formats, trying to be creative, and navigating our way through this new way. The link above will take you to the page on our site that we house all of our recorded worship services so that you can watch the most recent, and catch up on any you missed. Here is our upcoming worship schedule:

Sunday Worship
Posted by 10 am
May 31, Pentecost Sunday
June 7, Graduation Sunday
June 21, Father's Day

Midweek Reflection
Posted on Wednesdays
If you are looking for a 15 minute break of quiet reflection, this is a brief service of silence, scripture and prayer, poetry and music to help get you through the day.

You can be notified when we post our new worship video here:

YouTube: Search for “FPC-SSP” and subscribe to our channel to receive instant notifications of new videos posted.