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Mission Projects

Neighbors, Inc.

In 1972, we were one of the local organizing congregations that established the non-profit, social service agency Neighbors, Inc.  Much of our service with the local community is accomplished in collaboration with, and through, them.  We not only support their challenging and necessary work with significant financial contributions, but through special events such as food and clothing drives, the Adopt-a Family Program at Christmas, and as host for a social program for adults with developmental disabilities called Come As You Are.  The children and youth in the congregation actively participate in many of these events as part of their service to the community.  In 2008, Neighbors served over 15,000 people through 14 different emergency assistance and supportive assistance programs.

End Hunger Now Offering

Early in 2006, our Thursday Morning Men’s Study Group read a book, Ending Hunger Now: A Challenge to Persons of Faith, in which the authors call the faith community to live out their beliefs and challenge the social, political and economic structures that perpetuate hunger and poverty.  As a result, this group of men worked with the Mission Committee to inform the congregation about these issues and developed a special End Hunger Now offering.  Four times a year an organization or collaborative effort is designated to receive the funds that are received.  Over the years, thousands of dollars have been given to groups such as Church World Service, The Presbyterian Hunger Program, Heifer International, the Gates Foundation and the Lambi Project in Haiti.

Youth Mission Trips

Every summer our senior high youth travel to different parts of the country working together doing everything from helping build and re-build homes, cleaning up after natural disasters and serving in various urban ministries.  The middle school group goes on similar types of trips every other summer, most recently to the Heifer International Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas.  The senior high students raise a significant portion of the funds for their trips during the year through projects and events within the congregation and out in the community.  The Youth Committee is currently planning an international mission trip to Belize in Latin America for the summer of 2010.